Who is Dakota James Buckley?


I am but a simple West Virginian with a vision. A vision of Tomorrow. What is Tomorrow? Tomorrow is worker's rights. Tomorrow is access to affordable healthcare for all. Tomorrow is clean air and water. Tomorrow is the capability to travel whether you're fortunate enough to own a car. Tomorrow is not worrying about how to survive, but thrive. That is Tomorrow's West Virginia.

I was born in 1997 in Glasgow, West Virginia. A Kanawha County native, I saw first hand what trickle-down economics did. I saw poverty, pain, illness, and death. I saw teachers struggling to make ends meet. I saw miners constantly going out of work, their parent companies being bailed out only to leave West Virginia high and dry. I saw what it was to live in Mammoth and have to travel far even to get food for the table. If your car went out, there was no way you were going to eat, let alone get it fixed.

 At the age of 13, I moved to Saint Albans after my dad passed away of brain and lung cancer. While I saw the situation in Saint Albans was relatively better, I can not, even to this day, go without thinking that for some, the poverty is normal. For some, the pain and suffering is expected. This is why I am running. Tomorrow's West Virginia will improve on these so that EVERYONE, no matter their upbringing, no matter their wealth or health, no matter who they are, can not only survive in West Virginia, but thrive in Tomorrow's West Virginia.

- Dakota James Buckley